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Low carb salmon and Pecorino salad

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Every Friday we eat fish for dinner. That was how I wad raised and as a mom I just continued doing it. While my mom's fish are cooked in spicy red sauce, my family referred the baked, non spicy version. Their preferred fish is salmon, so I buy a big slice of fresh salmon every Thursday/Friday, and we always have left overs. Sometimes the kids will enjoy it again the next day, most times, I'll make pasta dish with it, that they really like, but this time, I had so much food in the fridge for them that I didn't want to make them pasta as well, so I spoiled myself and made this delicious salad in no time. If you have leftover fish or even chicken, you can make it too, if not, you can prep the fish just for it. This salad can serve as light meal or as a side dish.

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